Dr Charlotte Hawkins

The Charity is the brainchild of Dr Hawkins who is a specialist in paediatric congenital birth defect (based in Harley Street, London). Dr Hawkins was asked to visit the Island of Zanzibar in October 2010 with a view to tackling their increasing problem of CTEV (congenital talipes equino varus) / Club Foot. She found that the facilities at the clinic were very limited and that the treatment outcomes were not always optimal. Furthermore there was a shortage of basic tools and the technicians were struggling to treat children using builders plaster and broken glass as cutting equipment. Charlotte was able to retrain the technicians to optimise their serial casting techniques and to demonstrate how CTEV can be treated successfully using the "Ponsetiā€ technique, avoiding the necessity for surgery. In addition she and a colleague trained staff in basic orthotic manufacture using materials taken with them and established an excellent relationship with staff, promising to return with materials and machinery as well as further training.

You can be part of this life changing programme, helping children to walk again and challenging disability for children in Africa.